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how many here are bikers

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Ah, where to begin. I guess it was when my friend told me at the age of 14 that he and some other mates had a couple of BSA Bantams that they rode around a field and I thought that sounded like a lot of fun. So spending all my savings, I picked up an old Francis Barnet from the local garage, took it home and told my father. Who duly went nuts, but did in the end allow me to keep it and I've been obsessed with them ever since.

After university I worked for Honda UK (had a Kawasaki Z1 at the time), but then the lure of the CBX1000 was too great. Working in the Technical Training Centre, I was involved in the original model introduction and launch of that monumental machine. Did most of the introductory technical training on it too. Had a few of them since then and still have a CBX as one of my 'projects'.

I see many threads on here about driving through the Alps and Pyrenees etc, often the same roads and places I've ridden during my regular European tours. But I have little interest in taking any car there. So many other cars that frequent those wonderful roads, but when you're riding a bike they're just a mobile chicane that adds a bit more spice to the ride. However in a car, they can be a total road block, all the way over the pass that you've come 1,000 miles just to drive over at a fun speed. Just no contest in my books. In that situation, it's a bike every time for me.

I have tended to stick with Hondas as they have made some great bikes, I KNOW how Honda makes bikes and appreciate the quality of their engineering, so feel most at home riding or working ( and racing many years ago) on Hondas. Not exclusively though as I've had a Harley Davidson (soon to get another) and others (like Yamaha MT01 as I see elsewhere in this thread). In fact very unlikely to buy any new Honda now as they just don't seem to make anything that remotely interests me these days. I'm way past wanting a new FireBlade as that would be even more performance I could not possibly use. I'm arrogant enough to know that's not down to any lack of ability on my part. It's just the laws of physics. Unless a bike can bend light around that blind corner so I can see what's ahead, there's no possible way I could ride any faster. Not that I really want to these days if truth be told. I don't know whether that's simply age or that I've managed to convince myself to ride slower due to the  current obsession against speed our government and law enforcement seem to have. I don't want points on my license, I really don't want to lose my license and I absolutely and definitely 100% don't want to go to jail and that is where they can put you these days for riding at a speed I might have considered inconsequential some years ago.

Although I do still have some fast sports bikes to ride, I tend to concentrate on more interesting projects based on older bikes. All told, I have quite a few underway at the moment (see here, not all with actual photos), some of which I am aware might be termed 'long term projects'. Keep me busy though for the rest of my life.

As they say, keep it rubber side down.

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