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Evora versus deer - lucky escapes for both


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As Bibs will testify, hitting a deer in an Evora can be messy. Cross-posting my story from S3LOC:

On Friday night on the way home from work I hit a young deer on the Leatherhead bypass.

It was on an unlit 50mph road I've travelled regularly for over a decade and never seen deer there before. Luckily I saw slight movement on the verge and had slowed a bit before reaching it. It ran into the road then turned and started back to the edge just as I hit it with the brakes hard on. It sat down heavily on the bonnet, rolled across and off the nearside wing, legs clattering off the windscreen. I'd fully expected it to have a broken leg or be concussed but it jumped up and ran off into the undergrowth!

Thank you to the chap behind who didn't rear-end me but then drove off without seeing if I was OK.

Pulled over and was struggling to see any damage at all in the dark. Couldn't believe it was unscathed and when I got home it was easier to see - nearside headlight pushed in and the nearside mounting lugs for the bumper sheered off. You'll have to look closely to spot the headlight and panel gap difference:



Saturday morning over to Back On Track and after a bit of work on Monday the headlight mounting bracket has been straightened out and the bumper re-glued (thank you guys!).

So it looks like a lucky escape for both the Evora and the deer.

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Wow, lucky escape. Lucky you were in a car made from plastic, tin would have been a mess.

Lucky for the deer too i'ld say, a nice flexible shock absorbent front end to roll over and off.

Good that you both survived :)

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Phew.... that was lucky! We live in an area with a very large deer population, way over 100 car/deer accidents every year. You got to keep your eyes peeled, they appear from nowhere, only this morning my Mrs had a near miss on the school run.

Glad to see you and the Evora got away relatively unscathed.

Currently having an illicit affair with another marque, be back in the fold one day... B-)

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Very lucky escape Tom! :thumbup:

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Very lucky escape for both. Where I live the deer sometimes eat the front garden in the spring when pushed down out of the hills by the snow and my bulbs etc. are shooting. I remember swinging into my drive in a Ferrari 355 (a friends) at 02:00 to scare the deer and myself extensively and it cleared the car on that occasion without a scratch thank God. I'd rather see a rabbit in the headlights!

Anyway back to tread I used to rove around in Ardnarmurchan peninsular a lot more in my twenties and a friend was badly hurt when he hit one on single track roads and it came in through windscreen. Okay older cars, lighter A pillars and no airbags or laminated screen. Most injuries however were its struggles to get free/die and him trying to get out of car.

Just round this way a few months ago a young female vet at a practice (where we know 2 other young vets) on here way home at midnight after a call was killed by a hitting a cow on an unlit B road and it not bouncing off. Horrible death.

Go buy those tickets!!

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yeesh.. glad all is okay.

so when you said the mounting lugs for the bumper sheered off, did that destroy the tabs in the plastic bumper that the lugs were integrated into?

I have one particular mounting point closest to my passenger headlight that has broken away, leaving a slight gap. It's not unbearable but I need to get it fixed nonetheless. The dealership that tried to fix it used a gray epoxy that did not properly harding fully (maybe this was intentional?), but the glue didn't hold, it cracked and simply failed, so now i need to grind away all that useless epoxy and start over. There is no bumper tab to repair so traditional methods can't be used to repair it, as it is right at the very tip of the upper body shell where it meets the bumper, along the headlamp. What repair method should be employed? If glue, what type of glue?

anyway, sorry for going a bit off topic, just seeking answers.. thx in advance.

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From what I can see from inside the wheel arch there's a section at the top of the bumper that is bent over to form a lip about 2cm wide. In this bent over part there's a hole near the outer edge that allows a bolt to attach the bumper to the top section of the bonnet/wing. Mine sheared between the hole and the bend, leaving a small piece held by the bolt. I don't know what they've glued it with (looks like a very dark grey or black epoxy) or how they've held the sheared piece in place while gluing. It's almost impossible to get a photo of the work inside the wheel arch as a camera is too close to the repair site to focus on it unless I remove the wheel.

Back On Track in Guildford did the work and I'm sure would tell you how they did it.

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