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abs pressure switch

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My ABS is still playing up.I have replaced the relay(which i found in japan by the way for $38)but it looks like it must be the more expensive pressure switch.Wanted to see if anyone knows the cheapest place to get one.So far have prices of 262 UK pounds,$478 US dollars and $351 Australian.So far local price is best but i thought i might be able to get a better price in the US.I have not been able to get anyone to give me an indication of availability yet .

If anyone can help me who might have been down this path that would be sweet.Also wanted to confirm that the correct part nos are Lotus-B082J6137S and GM 88927270


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DITO ! I even ordered from AC-Dirict, never delivered.

Other source : They only sell and deliver to US residents. I eventually will make a bulk order for stuff through a befreinded company in the states, buy all sorts of GM electric stuff.

I guess for some time in september....

I had the pressure switch problem for 2 1/2 years.... :D BAD SPITITS ! UHHH :lol:

As it always costs a fortune to get shipping, and you will not find the darn switch for less, welcome to jump the train.


GM PART # 88927270

CATEGORY: Brake Pressure Warning Switch


GM LIST: $325.26

OUR PRICE: $112.49




Olaf S400 project



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I heard these guys had some in stock (unfortunatly they are in the USA)

Paddle Faster, I hear Banjos!
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Hi guys

I also have a problem with the pressure switch(I think). Had low accumulator precharge reported on the tech1 and changed the accu with no joy and reckon its the switch. The pump now only runs for half a second before cutting out and runs every time I touch the brake pedal which seems to indicate that the system thinks the accu. is fully charged when actually it hasn't filled at all.

Did anyone manage to get the part recently? I've just been on the phone with and they think they might be able to get me one but it might take a while. ($124) Is that definately the right part number for it and has anyone fitted it with success?


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I finally got a new pressure switch and have fitted it.All seems good so far.It runs the pump after every 5 pumps.My mechanic ordered it through Lotus and it cost me about $400 AUD.It has a black and not grey casing as i thought it was meant to. all seems ok though.

Good Luck.

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Part did come from Lotus.Have the packaging and part number is the new number.Prices i were quoted in the UK were all around 248 pounds plus postage(south west lotus and sj sportscars.)Anyway,works well and that is the main thing.US price was a bit cheaper but ran the risk of getting the wrong part with no return policy.I dont think there is any stock left of grey colour switch.

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