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My left indicator won't cancel. I have replaced the stalk switch and it still won't work. I presume that 70,000 miles of indicating has worn the flange on the back of the boss just enough so that it isn't quite big enough to flick the plastic switch thing which pokes out of the stalk switch housing when the indicator stalk is deployed. Any suggestions? Is the boss off another GM/Vauxhall car (like the stalks are) or will we have to take the boss off and weld a 0.5mm ridge on the flange?


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undo the steering colum/switch covers, undo the switch will find that the mechanic is plastic pieces

-and with that it means you can use an soldering iron, to slightly reshape/refresh the 'cam-nose' that is there for actuation


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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When I changed out my steering wheel for an Elise wheel, the right turn signal wouldn't cancel. I took of the wheel again, wiggled things a bit, and it's working like a champ now for weeks.

The alignment of the bits is obviously very critical, so maybe things got out of alignment on your after all those miles.

I jacked up the front wheels off the ground to make it easy to test when I had it working.

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