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Assessing and setting Geo. A few questions

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So, I am nearing this point.

Firstly, I have yet to torque up the suspension bushes at ride height. Presumably I need to do this before doing the geometry. Will it alter it much?

OK, Toe in.

When assessing the rear toe in, I can see how I can get the overall attitude of both wheels but how do I assess each wheel individually? In other words, it could appear neutral overall where infact one might be toe in, the other toe out.

When I assess the front tracking, what is the method for centring the steering first? Where are the datum points.

I was planning to construct a simple jig to do the toe-in in the form of parallel boards and dowels at the wheel rims and measuring the difference.


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The Book calls for two parallel square section tubes set up, one each side of the vehicle, level with the wheel centres. Putting them on axle stands would work....I actually used two lengths of model aeroplane control line wire stretched taught! Loads of messing around to get them parallel and equidistant front and rear...then you can measure the distance between the front and rear of the wheel rims and your datumn line. The difference between the measurement gives you the toe in or toe it for both front and rear wheels and both sides of the car, then you have all you need to tell you what adjustments you need to make, if any.

The easy way is to find somewhere with the knowledge and the right kit to measure and adjust the geometry...but you have to be certain they know what they are doing!!

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