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WHATS IT LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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:) everybody who replyed to my last as im writing this i just wanted to ask you "senior guys" as i say senior i mean the guys who actually own esprits,what was it like finally getting the chance to own one of the greatest supercars on the face of this earth.....well you see i have been a huge fanatic of the esprit for 4 years now and i have been saving every bit of money i make as a marine,"i know i know", a military man especially a marine really doesnt make nearly enough to own something so beautiful.but the truth is is that this whole esprit thing is more like some kind of cold hearted obsession. honestly i have gotten into some loud arguments with my friends over which is the best supercar in the world.anyways i just wanted to ask you guys for your input and please tell me about your experiences just seeing an esprit for the very first time in "real life",and what is it like being an owner for the first time.because like i said i have been saving forever to get this supercar and i just wanted to be rest assured that my life savings will be well worth it :) .....and once again thanx Edited by blacklotus80
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Wow thats a complicated question! Whats it like to own one? Absolutely great ! Is it my all time dream car no! (but it was a dream car I could actually afford) I will never sell it (unless civilisation as we now know it ends) Owning an Esprit has become a way of life, and if it wasnt for it I would not be posting this message! I hope you get one soon ,mate! :)

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my abolute favorite is a black lotus v8 se.....preferably the 25th anniversary edition :) ahhh yes...thats porn to me"hahahaha"J/k....or not :)


Imagine the buzz after someone sheds 10 rounds from from a PSG1 4mm from your nose, imagine your first free fall, imagine the day you completed your 12 week start, imagine your first sh*g and how you felt after,

Then double the feeling cause thats what it is, something happenned to me last week, a connection, a duty, a tenasious resolve, a dream, but the big difference is, living the dream everyday, going to the door and seeing it on the drive, and each time thinking *uck is that really mine, being in the car park and joining in everyone else just mesmorised by the car and you thinking I wish that was mine and then all of a sudden realising that well....

Stop trying to justify buying one, because you know your going to, your one of our children now, hheee hee haaaa heee rehaaa haaa, you just took the red pill

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Only 4 years :) I wanted an esprit since I was about 12 - finally managed it. Not only looking at the car but wait until you drive one :) The experience is one you will never forget - the kick in the back as you apply the power and the handling - corners as if it is on rails.

Once you get one you'll spend months going to the garage every morning and looking at it with a big grin on your face :) thinking wow - is this really mine?

Get one - you'll love it.

Dave - 2000 Sport 350
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It's fabulous, you are like a filmstar :) but all the people are just interested about your car... Where-ever I go people come to ask about my car B)

Never been very excited about Esprits, but when I saw my car I went speechless :) It's amazing car and I like it more everyday. And nowdays I'm a real Esprit-fan B)

Check my blog and leave comments/suggestions Jussi's photography blog

See you in G+ Jussi Alanko in Google+

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I spend more time just washing the car and then sitting down and admiring her. This actually gives me more pleasure than driving cos you can't see the outside of the car when you're driving - it just looks sooo nice.

PS. I spent 15 years in the Air Force and while in my 15th year I promised myself that I would by a supercar before I died. Took me just 5 years to accomplish the dream.

Your outlook on life becomes different once you have one of your own.

Simon  (94 S4)      My Esprit will be for sale in late 2017

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;):( :)I have loved the esprit since I was 16 yrs old and always said that if I could ever buy an exotic it would be the lotus. I sold my musclecar to get married and have kids at 22. After 10 yrs of happy(mostly)marriage to my soul mate , two beautiful children and working my butt off to pay off the mortgage, I was given the blessing to get my toy for the garage. I was set on buying a c5 corvette and had driven and dealed on several. When (as I was trying to buy a c5)I saw a 1989 Lotus Esprit turbo SE in Calypso red for sale and was in my price range. I couldn't resist and so it is now parked in the garage and after a year, I still can't stop sticking my head into the garage for a quick peek. I could tell you a million stories about letting kids sit in the car while refueling while dad takes pictures, or crowds forming in parking lots, but I would be here for hours. I love my car and the experience is unique.

Back to reality, insurance here in Canada wa identical to insuring a c5 (reasonable), But I have had issues. Like most here will tell you, the esprit is reliable if properly maintained, but like any older car it will require parts and service. Make sure you have a fund set aside for repairs and maintainence or you will learn to resent your car and become the dreaded previous owner.

It's nice to see another obsessed fan of the esprit. I don't regret my decision, and it sounds like you would not regret it either. Good luck!!

PS: I'm just a plumber with a small Business, so you don't need to be rich to enjoy an esprit, just need an understanding wife.

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right get ready for the attack:::::

i didnt buy the esprit becuse it was in a film and im not a lotus fanatic, BUT the esprit is the most affordable supercar on the planet and apart from the big boys (lambo/rari) what else is even close,,,,,well the esprit IS, i had a elan, so it was a natural progression, i hated it in the first 2 weeks, but then you get used to it and its great.

oh and then i thought, sod it lets mod the crap out of it,,,you stand out in a crowd in a esprit its a great feeling, but hopefully i stand out now in a car park full of esprit aswell LOLOL

seriously its a great car, and it doesnt go wrong all the time, there great cars, that will keep up with 98% of cars on the road. BUY ONE


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In 1982 I saw Elio de Angelis :( win the grand prix Ostereich with the Lotus Ford and M Bruce Colin Chapman fantastic joy, later under more than rain Ayrton Senna won gp Portugal. My decision was taken for sports car: only Lotus and for Ever.

and I choose The Esprit ;);) because she is driven by the mind of genius M B C Chapman :( .

Patrick France

"Aut tace aut loquere meliora silentio" Salvator Rosa when 25 years old National Gallery London

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