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Grey Lotus Elite From the Netherlands

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hello Guy´s

i want to share the restauration of my elite with you together,

the car was allready body off by the owner before,

and the engine was also complete overhauled, (with new liners and pistons)

but i will do all other work, so you will see what i do the next month´s

i wanne respray the car, the leather inside the car becomes new,

and many many more,

just start with this..

i put it inside new cloth...





here a picture from the chassis


very very soon more pictures..

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yess, the pictures will come later on, tonight i replace the head-lining, and i will bring the other cloth parts on tomorrow,

(the ones from the picture) and then i can replace the leather, and then i will make pictures agian,

so still some work to do, and next saturday (the 3 nov) we have here in the netherlands a parts/bits and many many more

market, with ONLY lotus stuff, also shirts and books, flyers and many more.. and i have there also a stand, with my lotus parts from a elite and eclat.. so still busy with parts...

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ey Mat,

no i have a woman how does it for me, (and many other lotus owners know the way to her..)

she has a own company how does leather work,

this are the seats of my other elite (the red one from 1976)


she also did the dashboard.... (with special leather..) because its more fexible then the seats (and still very very strong..)

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Those seats and dashboard look really good! I've got to get my interior retrimmed at some point, but I've got a long way to go to get to that stage!

Btw do I spot correctly the car is left hand drive but the mirror switches are on the right hand side(?)

Cheers, Mat.

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yess you are right, the interior comes out of a RHD car, just because this car was a cloth edition,

and i never like coth, just give me leather please.. and also the next new owner likes it much more then cloth,

so thats the reason..... but you are sharp..

and yes she did a pretty good job! thats why i allways go to her..

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here some leather parts placed back where it belongs,


This is one of the 2 seats that i send away for new leather, the only thing that i want that i MUST be the same as orginal, with double stitch and every thing, and it looks really really good!!!


2 of the 4 wheels, are they new.... (no hahaha..) i must paint them into the right colour.. (the red on the wheels of course..)



the headlinging replaced... looks also very good i think (my first time..)

(the black strips come from the lamp on pic 2..)



New brake lines, and new radiateur.. and many other nice stuff (the wood is also as new.. on both sides..)


new back lights, so that looks also very nice,

so thats it for now, tomorrow more pictures of the lotus market.. (where i have my own stand..) and i meet up with belguim elite owners..

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i am a little bit further with my car,

so here are some new pics that i have taken from my car,

i disconect the final drive, and repaint it, (the brakes are new, the brake cilinders inside are allready new, also the brake lines.

just everything on the final drive is new!!!)


only there where a little bit surface rust, so i repaint it, so it looks beautifull agian, just like the chassis,

here some pictures:'>dscf3656s.jpg'>dscf3657z.jpg'>dscf3658.jpg'>dscf3659w.jpg'>dscf3660qr.jpg


and i work a little bit inside the elite, here you can see the middle console and one seat:'>dscf3649w.jpg'>dscf3647l.jpg


sorry for the dark pictures, but the car stands inside, and i dont can put the car outside, only when the car is done!!

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i must be a clean car, Loosecannon, because i restore this car, and then i wanne sell it,

so there will be a new proud owner, when the car is finish!!


i just work carefully on the car, not in a hurry this car must be perfect!

when there is some new news about the car, you will see it!

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here 2 pictures from the overhauled engine,

now i am busy with the interior,

why i dont can upload pictures????

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