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Lady Jane: 2012 Refresh

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18 months in the making, and with several false starts, my 2011/2012 refresh is nearing completion... I hope. Here are a few progress pics and a list of what;s happening.


New aluminium radiator

New oil cooler


New Rotiform TMB Concave wheels - 18x8.5/18x11

New Gaz dampers (front)

Hi-Spec 6/4 Pot calipers powder coated white


...a surprise, but you can gleam a lot from the pics.







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This is gonna be good! Your ideas are usually pretty

I am excited for real to see how this turns out...The refresh looks great. Don't forget to update your website with all this cool stuff...I need to know what to copy

I am so far behind...I am just excited to get the factory Brembo upgrade finally done...I have ways to go.

I will have some pics soon too...


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Looks goods, like a modern take on the classic white S1. Clean uncluttered lines.

I think the satin finish really helps accentuate and enhance the lines. Thanks!

cool, wheels not for me though.

They're definitely a statement. Some days they're not for me either. Is it the color or the style that bothers you more?

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i think the colour and possibly the wheel design, the offset 5 spokes are a nice design but for me do not do the car and its new paint scheme justice. I thought the black wheels looked better, but thats just my opinion.

its If you like it thats the main thing.

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are those Diablos -Diablos ..or Kitcars (Fiero or something..) ? for the look of this garage room, it does not match high-class standards if someone would say so ;)

Edited by Günter

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