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Tach removal on '84

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Hello all,

I need to get the tach repaired on my '84 Turbo Esprit; , can the tach be removed by taking the fascia screws off or does the whole binnacle need to come off? The parts and service manuals don't make this clear.




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No need to remove the whole binnacle

Remove the screws holding the plastic 'shroud' don't forget the two behind the 'dimmer' knobs

Then the screws holding the steel plate.

Pull the clocks forward, careful not to scratch the leather ( a bit of cardboard is a good idea) the speedo cable might pop out.

The tachometer is held in by 2 knurled nuts and slides out of the front of the metal plate

There is one multi connector and the illuminating light is a tight fit ( the conical metal fitting at the top )

Whilst you have the clocks out (and assuming you are not worried about originality) why not take the opportunity to upgrade the dash lights to LEDs? I posted a how to a while back

It really transformed Sue's car


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