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Hurricane Sandy

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We're still clearing up debris and tree branches here, but not too bad for us personally. One large tree down in the back, but it didn't land on anything important. Power and internet came back for me last night. There are still lots of people without power in the immediate area, and those on the North and South shores of Long Island have had much more damage from the high water levels during the storm. Driving around has been difficult because of all the downed trees and electric lines, and slow because many of the traffic lights are not working. Now there is apparently a shortage of gas, due to lack of deliveries?

Anyway, I hope those others on here in the storm's path were as lucky as I was. Pictures from New Jersey and the southern parts of NYC look very bad though.

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Hi Trevor,

Glad to hear you made it through ok. I was involved in a personal chat (rant is more accurate) with John "Iconic Ride" Heath regarding how our local media here in Toronto was over-hyping the seriousness of both the weather and the results of it, locally speaking.

It seems to me that News York and Jersey were hit pretty badly, at the least in specific areas, and certainly there was much damage: as of this writing LaGuardia Airport, for example, still has yet to resume operations, so they must have got hit pretty heavily. Hopefully the recovery can be swift and everyone can enjoy good holidays in the coming weeks.


Locally, all, and I do mean ALL of the media, refers to this not as "Hurricane Sandy" , but rather as "Superstorm Sandy".

I cannot possibly roll my eyes enough.

"At home, I have a King Sized bed. Now, I don't know any Kings, but I would imagine if one were to come over, he would be comfortable." -Mitch Hedberg

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I'm in south western NJ (Gloucester county right near the border with Salem county). We actually faired rather well. Spotty power outages, high winds but minimal trees down compared to the shore.

Lots of tense moments but couldn't have asked for better really. Really feeling for those on the shore lines in NJ and NY. It really took a toll there.

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Thanks for the good wishes, Here are a few photos from just around the corner from our house

The site has some pictures of flooding in the downtown area near the ferry terminal too. Lots of people without power still, we've been entertaining friends to dinner every day since we got power back.


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