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o'common this is now the third time someone 'discovers' this add within here

..why does none want's to go out and buy it -why ? :hrhr:


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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After Lotus' first F1 win in 25 years it might just be a bargin......

The Real Stig Lotus Turbo Esprit, Lotus Elise S1, Lotus Elite, Lancia Delta, Jaguar XF ....Previous cars: Subaru SVX, Porsche 924 Turbo, Lotus Eclat Excel, Lotus Elite, Matra Murena 2,2, Fiat X1/9 5sp

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There seem to be many threads on this car now, maybe we can merge them all? The car was for sale in Perth in around 2007, me being in Melbourne it was too far away to look at. Then the current owner (who shipped it across from Perth) showed me the car 2 years ago when he was tentatively looking to sell. He still wanted a lot of money for it at that stage. I had a drive of it, nice guy who definitely got into the the whole Bond aspect of the car and was happy to chat.

The car I believe won its class at Targa Tasmania at some stage in the 2000s too.

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I'm new to esprit ownership so still learning. I saw this advert and first though wouldn't it be in a museum.... Then saw several pictures doing quarter mile runs and thought...... This guy really can't have much experience creating a desire when selling some thing? I'd get those photos off and get more of it gleaming to try to fetch a price tag at half of that !!

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