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Accusump pressure valve replacement

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Morning all. Some advice / recommendations if anyone can please.

Well this week I dropped off the 2-eleven for a thorough service following a full trackday the prior week.

Before the trackday I'd checked the usual, including oil, and nothing a miss .... Never see any leakage either but we've found that the oil is leaking but the leak is coming from the Accusump pressure valve ....

Issue is I'm in Japan and the replacement part doesn't seem to be in stock here within the network

Is there anywhere / anyone in the Uk Lotus network that would be carrying stock for this item and how much should it be costing ?

I doubt I have to say its the 2008 launch edition .....

Basically I want to see if I can order and get it myself quicker


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Upgrade today to remove Google ads and support TLF.

Thanks pgn340r ...... Part spotted .... Part being ordered

Great website and thanks again for the link.

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Hi Noe,

As you are in Japan, does your 211 have inertia belts fitted, if so would you mind posting some photos of how they are mounted as I understand your roll cage has been modded at the factory.

Cheers in advance,


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Sorry only just checked back on this page.

The valve was changed out though the replacement valve was different. it seemeed that the later valve is an update to the original part but improving on the size / flow .... Basically improved on the old one that apparently can 'leak' under heavy pressure .... It will only leak, or that is, create a small vapor spray under heavy accelaration .... Obviously having oil spraying around the engine bay isn't ideal.

Whether its just Japan but we didn't find any advice or updates in the past from lotus officially update or changing the parts ... Anyhow no matter

Antipodean - I've only racing harness fitted which were factory installed from my knowledge .....

It's now back on the road but temperatures where I am are in the -15c ~ 0c range so it's cold driving

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