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GT3 Raising headlights

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Has anyone with a GT3 stopped the headlights from raising when you start the engine. I'm aware that some of the GT3's raise and some don't. I would just like to have the opportunity to stop them raising if possible.

Thanks in antisipation.

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Yep. Dave is spot on as usual.

It's just an anomaly of the Esprit if the battery is at a low state of charge when you crank the engine.

If it only does it when you first dig the car out of the garage after a week or two of not driving it, then it's not really a problem.

If the headlights lift up and down every time you start the engine, it'd be worth getting your alternator and battery checked because you're getting low on amps and Esprits are awkward (embarrassing) to push start!

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hehe my GT3 does it regardless and it's kept on a float charger and has good -terminal- voltage (note on terminal).

I have to slightly disagree with the norm here but in cases such as mine the volt drop across the car with my (5 ohm) bad earth can cause the module to lift, as it definatly does this when there is a low voltage.

Your battery might be absolutly fine however your cable loops might not be (like on my GT3) - I metered it out and found a significant few Ohm resistance in the loom....12v systems and a few ohm can cause the voltage to drop quite a bit.

If you've never had starting probs don't change the battery and just put this down to another "they all do that sir" - it can indicate the battery, but not always.

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Thanks Guy's,

The battery is only a year old & I have no problems with starting even if I leave it for a couple of weeks without using it (Holidays). As Jonathan said it must be one of Lotus things.

Thanks again for your comments

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Mine does it as well, doesn't really bother me, but yes it does do it if I leave the car for a few days inbetween using it. It's like it's just been woken up from a good sleep! ;)


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Mine like you Alex has never done it either even when I left it for a month or so and then started it first time.

Saying that, Mine like yours Alex was part of the last batch made in the final year of production so wonder whether more new V8 ideas went into our GT3's then just the interiors?!.



1999 Lotus Esprit GT3

1985 Reliant Scimitar SS1 1600 though will be an 1800Ti upon completion (Currently in bits all over the garage and has been since 2004)

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Mine is a 97 and only does it when the battery is reconnected. I have fitted a battery brain which shuts off power from the battery if it detects a drop in voltage enough not to start the engine. So when you reset it the headlights raise and lower. I like the analogy that it is like the car waking up, sweet :yes

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Spoke to Brian Angus (Lotus) a while back about this problem & I think he talked about resistors, shunts and batteries. So basically if you what to try & find the relevent items good luck because I'm sure they will be tucked away in some weird & wonderful places.

At least you know that the headlights raise & lower.

The Saint

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