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HEY thanx for the reponses i got with the last post im so happy i can actually talk to other lotus esprit fanatics. my usual reponse talking to other people i know who supposedly say are car fanatics usually never even heard of lotus none the less esprit. so like i've said before and probably say again "this is my new family".i know it might sound cheesy but i really dont give a sh-t.hey after doing 2 combat tours in iraq "you get kinda cheesy and sentimental", hahaha...anyways why is that everytime i watch or hear something about the greatest exotics of all time or just racing history in general i never hear lotus. its always ferrarri,bmw,porsche,etc........i mean when i say i've been a fan of the esprit for the last 4 years i really mean thats the time period roughly i really became serious in "my quest" to save and actually own one but i've always known and been a admirer of the esprit since i was kid and my dad had that computer game "testdrive" for the commadore thats "old school" i believe the esprit in that game was a s4s, but its not like i jumped on the bandwagon i read pretty much anything and everything that has to do with lotus and its famed history and trust me i think i literally looked at every freaken image of the esprit and drooled on the web.and im trying to learn more on the mechanics and engine layouts on the esprit...but anyways its just kind of heartbreaking and a hard pill to swallow when they never mention the name lotus with the other great supercars nowadays..i mean the elise is getting some recognition but come on i think its time they put a esprit on the cover of dupont registry especially when they often put corvettes and vipers on their covers, i mean how in the hell do you consider those exotics..yes their nice cars but i see those to often. i just think its kinda funny when people also say the esprit body style is outdated or even ugly i mean the whole point of an exotic is that its unfamiliar to the eye and to see something that drastic of a bodystyle on the road in a sea of common cars is crazy.i guarantee they wont be able take their eyes off it...but maybe thats probably why i love the esprit so much its "the quiet assassin" everybody forgot about.well just tell me anyways if you agree or if you think im overexaggerating......THANX!!SORRY FOR RAMBLING ON ..I WAS BORED :)

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I think Ferraris and Porsches are pretty common cars :) unlike Lotus is pretty rare car B) even here in Finland Ferraris are more common than Lotuses :)

And that frightens me about, that you can't actually find anything conserning Lotus (I mean manuals etc.). But change is coming for that when I get my workshop manual :)

But hey these are great cars, been driving now two days without any problem :) and there it is outside waiting for another round to take....hmm. weather seems good now.

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Ferrari, Lamborghini,Porsche are like bellybuttons - everyone seems to have one(in some places) They are an ideal way to show your mates you have too much disposable income. Lotus cars tend to be owned by intelegent individuals , who appreciate an innovative car ,with great looks and performance ,which is also great value for money and interesting to work on.

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