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Hi all,

While my car is stripped to the bone I see that the heater water valve looks more than worse for wear. As it is a bugger to access I thought that I would take the opportunity to replace it now.

Does any one know if new replacements are available?

If not then I thought about replacing with a generic one from car builders solutions. However there is a wire attached to the valve that disappears into the heater assy. Does somebody know what that is? I had hoped it would be a simple mechanical valve.



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Hi Nic,

The "wire" you see is actually a capillary tube, it's filled with what I guess is some kind of gas that acts on a capsule on the valve. From what I've figured out, you set the temperature on the valve with the lever and then the capsule regulates in fonction of the temperature in the air box.

So you guessed it, it's not your usual valve. A standard valve would probably do the job but without the regulation.

BTW the valve is almost all solid copper so even if it looks bad, it should last long.

I would make sure it's clean inside though, the cores have a tendency to clog so it might be the same with the valve.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Luc,

Fantastic!! thanks for the info. I will give it a good clean up and see how it looks after that. If you say it's all copper then it should be fine. The thought of putting it all back together and finding that it doesn't work would be a nightmare!! Especially considering its location.

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Looks like I will take a different route for this problem now. I have been informed by a fellow forum member that the cylinder head gets hot spots due to the lack of water at the end where the heater hose comes from. These problems are worked around with a bypass type valve in most cars nowadays. I found a suitable replacement on the internet from a TX2 taxi. From further advise I will place it in the engine bay so the bypassed water has minimal travel. It means the valve is much more accesible should it develop any issues and also the part should be available for many years off the shelf. The only problem to overcome will be getting a bowden cable made up to run down the centre tunnel to the engine bay. Not a big issue I hope. It means loosing the stabilising action for the heater but gains in keeping the cylinder head cooler and better access to potential failing parts.

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