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Error code

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Car threw an error code with the wrench light coming on while using the cruise control:

Scan read p2104 throttle actuator control system-forced idle.

Any ideas?

Happened a few times always when using cruise control in 6th gear

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Hi, the following is taken from evora engine diagnostic manual. Hope it helps. Sounds like this in itself is not a problem however this code has popped up due to an underlying issue. Any other codes up?

P2104 Throttle actuator control system – forced idle

Description If a problem is detected which could result in faster engine speed than commanded by the pedal, the actuator is switched out, allowing the throttle valve to default to a 6% mechanically sprung setting. This provides a fast idle speed which may be used to effect a 'limp home' mechanism.

Monitor: • Continuous

Enable Criteria: • Engine running

Disable Criteria: • None

Potential failure modes: • Electronic throttle fault

Note: This code indicates action taken by the ECU, and will always be accompanied by another code which has caused this action.

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There was a fault in an older S/W version of the ECU related to exactly this failure in connection to the cruise control You probably need this S/W update.

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