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Hello, newbie with a 1980 Eclat S2.2!

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Hello from Andorra!


I'm Jordi, my car is an Eclat s2.2 1980 Altair Green.


It is my first semi-classic car, I've purchased it a few weeks ago.


The car is complete, has been maintained under roof for many years. The family of its first owner maintained the car it in a "medium care" level until they sell it. So I'm the second owner.


I think because the age the car needs renewal of all filters and fluids, a complete brake rebuild, a new stainless steel exhaust system, new belts, thermostat, maybe new clutch. The heater is not working, the A/C system needs gas, etc.


Rigth now the car is in an auto-classic workshop specialist for the fist rebuild (brake system, exhaust, suspension busches...) and then I'll go for other easier thinks by myself.


I hope you Lotus enthusiast can help me in the process I begin!! I've found great usefull information on!!


See you,




Jorge E

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Thank you, Chris!


I've done only a few shots, the car needs to work on it before be exposed to the camera :blush:


When the first work became done, I will perform a complete photo album!


I've one picture of the interior and other (blurred) on a workshop lifter.






On the rent box



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The longer you stay around this place, you keep learning something new. I have never seen that colour. :no

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Lovely - not many in that colour. Looks great. Good luck with it

I wonder if the centre console came in green leather from factory - have not seen that before, usually veneer or black. Grey colour match so maybe it s original ?

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I really like that colour.  In fact the whole car looks really nice. Looking forwards to more pictures.


Welcome to the forum.   Thanks for posting.

S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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Thank you all   :cheers:   for such a warm welcome!!!!


The car and I are in the way to know each other. Funny the conundrum of pout-pourri parts shared with so many other cars!!!


My mechanich is searching the goodies to renew brakes, exhaust and maybe other "bottom" parts.


If I need your help (or simply to notice you about a difficulty solved) I'll write to you here.


See you!


Jorge E

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Lots more pictures please Jordi but make them BIGGER!


My Eclat is Altair green, and is due in the paintshop in January (fingers crossed). I was wavering about the colour but your pictures help convince me to stay original.


BTW the veneer on the centre console is pretty rubbish and peels off when the base metal becomes rusty in damp conditions. I have seen a couple now, mine included, where this has been retrimmed with some thin leather and looks just as nice, the previous owner of mine did a smashing job.

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The only other one I had seen had the veneer, like this - 




Guy, I miss- understood. I thought you meant the console itself rather than the swtchgear panel. I didnt even notice the switch panel was green until re-reading. Looks good though :-)

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Gentlemen you have all missed the point, Unfortunately the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car which means I'll just have to take it. Jordi please ship to England straight away.


Not to sure about the totally green interior but I love the rest of the car, it looks almost new. The Forum can I think, answer most, if not all questions regarding the Lotus cars, if not we know a man who can. Welcome and enjoy.



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Here some other pictures i found on my pc:'>20120216173439240.jpg'>2012021617404626.jpg'>33787543002f9f798509.jpg

(they say: this last picture must be been an ex car of lotus factory, maby from colin himself..) i know that he had a Essex elite s2.2 only one was build, its was inside the netherlands now its back to england, i know the owner, great men!

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That Eclat belonged to Hazel Chapman and was given to journalist Jabby Crombac (there are pictures on the net of this event at a Grand Prix somewhere with Essex/David Thieme in the background). It was auctioned off after Jabbys death and is still in Europe, not sure where. This is it pictured at Colin's house, I would love to know who took the picture



In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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Here some other pictures i found on my pc:





Tocus, this is JUST my Eclat! These pictures are shoted inside the dealer garage where I bougth the car! You can see the registration plates of others cars on the foreground, all Andorra registration!!!


I did'nt saw them before, maybe you have found that pictures on an old online advert?


I think the interior needs a cleaning journey and maybe a new headlining (not shown in the pictures, need reglue or change...).



And "The Nut", despite the steering wheel is on the rigth or "wrong" side of the car, let me just put you a question:


Are there a sportiest steereng wheel for thath car wich can maintain the styling of the eigthies? Some suggestions? Or I'd better for no replace the original one?


Thank you!!




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The "Personal" (Nardi) steering wheel for the Lotus Excel matches the dash nicely as it was designed by Giugiaro who also did the Elite/Eclat interior. You will need a suitable boss (from an early Range Rover or MG Midget I think) or have one machined



In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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hello Jordi,



yess i know that this is your car, because i sa it one year ago or something,

i only have just 3 orginal elite steering wheels for sale, and not a excel steering wheel,


it sould be nicer if the car stays orginal, but if you want something else.. its your car,

what about the cleaning, there are some company;s where you can buy leather paint,

into the right colour of your green leather, they just must have a little pice of the green leather

and they will make the paint for you, DONT FORGET  the primer on the leather, otherwise it dont holds,


it works perfecht i do also some times, i still have 2 LHD lotus elite cars, (i am from the netherlands..)

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Hello Tocus!


Thank you a lot for the advice on the cleaning!



So... you're the man wich came to Andorra interested for the Lotus last January or Febrary :blink: !!


In fact, the dealer told me "a german guy come to see the Eclat, seemed interested and wanted to buy it to take the car outside Andorra... "


I guess the asking price was too high for compensate export duties. Well, the price they ask was high anyway, and the car needed some immediate repair (exhaust, clutch and so on...). And also needs some exterior brigthwork to correct, maybe in the past a body repair not so much carefully was done.


As expert you are, and if you looked carefully the car, maybe you can give some tips or advice on it... I will be very thanksfull!! I'm not an Lotus expert!!


Wath a surprise, great that forum  :thumbup:  !!!!



And for the steering wheel... I agree with you to keep the car as when its first day. I do promise to keep the car as original as I can. If a mod is done, and the original part will be carefully stored and reversed in the future if needed.


Best regards,



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no jordi i dont went to andorra,

i am just a good searching for lotus elite and eclat car, because i work always on this cars, (and i wanne buy more cars..)

thats the reasion that i had allready 8 of that cars, and i still like it, to make cars good and then sell them to a person how

also loves this cars,


and now i have 2 cars complete for spares and bits, and now i can sel parts to other lotus owners so they still can keep driving, or make them car better, or nicer..


if you need some info just ask, thats also the reasion that we have this forum (and i am also on other forums, like the


its just great to hear every time the great storys of other owners and make them happy with parts. thats keep me going,

and i am just 25 years old, so hopefully my future will be the same as its going,

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Just for your info, if you're thinking of changing the steering wheel - The three spoke Excel "Personal" wheel comes in two types, early (pre 1986) and late. The early type has different splines and fits straight on the eclat column. I have the three spoke early Excel Personal steering wheel fitted to my Eclat S1.


The later type that was used with the Toyota column has different splines and doesn't fit on an Eclat.


Cheers, Mat.

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