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Vehicle: Lotus Esprit S4 (1995)

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Lotus Esprit S4 (1995)

Date Added: 10 July 2007 - 04:03 PM

Owner: Fandango

Short Description: I had to wait 29 years for my first Esprit, but it was worth it !!

Not only that it once was factory delivered with a V8 shade, which is special, the engine was highly tuned in 1996 by Alvan Motors in Belgium in cooperation with Lotus engineering. The engine was probably a earlier version of the factory X180R race car versions (Lotus project Nr P525), able to put out 420 HP and was one of 3 engines where 2 were raced in GT series Esprits. Unfortunately the engine blew up due to a leaking oil hose shortly after I got it. I then bought a brand new 910 engine from Garry Kemp (who I wish to thank very much for his continuing support and experise) and had the specialists of Rramspott & Brandt tune it to 385 HP using a PUK chip, a Sport 300 turbo and various other mods. This got recently exchanged for a Ramspott & Brandt customised Garret 3076R BB turbo with a 3" V band exhaust which does magic in terms of performance gain. She runs on OZ Racing 3 piece rims with 245 / 285 size Eagle F1s. I had the body taken apart, stress cracks repaired and resprayed in the original shade last year. (To me the most beautifull shade for an Esprit next to Norfolk mustard yellow)

I am afraid this will not be the end of mods yet, as I am infected with the Esprit virus and until there is no new Esprit, the one that each of us has, is the best Esprit yet.

Update August 13th 2007

In January this year, I had started the Sport 500 Project with Garry Kemp as the engine designer and Steffen Brandt of Ramspott & Brandt as the responsible system integrator.

Goal is to generate 500 PS out of a modified Lotus 910 Block.

These are the outline specs of my new motor:

- steel liners, hot honed

- Mahle forged pistons, Keronite treated crowns

- steel crank shaft

- 650 grms conrods

- +2.5 cmm inlet valves

- + 3.5 mm exhaust valves, watercooled to lower the temp to ca 160� for more boost and ignition advance

- valve seats made of Nibrom

- gas flowed head

- crome moly rods balanced to +- 5 grms

APR head studs, washers and nuts

Update August 22nd 2007

The new conrods are finished. Stunning pieces of hardware.

Update August 23rd 2007

The new Cylinder head - the valves are +2.5mm on the inlet side and +3.5mm on the exhaust. The seats are changed to a �Nibron� alloy for better heat transfer; the exhaust valve guides are changed to water cooled versions; again to help heat transfer. The inlet guides are bronze and the valve seats are radiused to improve airflow. The valves are stainless steel and nitrided for increased durability. The whole lot has been gas flowed and flow typically increases from around 145 cfm to 180 cfm.

Update April 14th 2008

FINALLY! The pistons came back today from being coated with Keronite. A special ceramic coating to improve overall performance. Too much to write about. For more info go to

The pistons were the last part we needed to complete the 2.6 liter 910 engine.

In the meantime R&B have taken out the old engine, cleaned up the bay and re-designed the right side wall to fit the piper cross induction system properly.

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Mind if I cut in ?

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last update in 2008 -so can 'we' see it finished now somewhere for real in 2013 ?




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