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Water cooling system on early S2

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I just finish the installation of my rebuild engine into the chassis. The engine started after the first attempt, but I stopped it after a few seconds , because the cooling system is not filled.


My next job is the connention of all hoses of the cooling system to make a longer run up with the engine. The photos I have taken before dismanteling the engine are very bad quality, so I need some help to see how the cooling circuit looks like and works. In my workshop manual for the Esprit is only showed a graphic for S1 and the the S2 cooling system is different. I have an early S2 with upright radiator and an alloy pipe to water pump inlet with two stub take off pipes. Like used on Series 1 after chassis number 333G and all Series 2.




Has anybody have a drawing or graphic how the S2 cooling system looks like, especially what is the connector on the rear end of the engine for? Is it connected to the water cooling system or is it a ventilation of the crankcase? see picture.




Looking forward to any advice, so I can proceed with the installation, and the engine runs before christmas.


Thanks, Lutz.



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The arrowed pipe is the crankcase breather. A rubber pipe will connect that to the air box on the carbs


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Hello Lutz


Yes - as John says thats the crank case vent to air box - the outlet on the head on which you have placed a red plastic cap is part of the cooling system - its the heater take off.


Hope this helps.


Cheers  John.

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Hello John & John,


yes, that helps a lot. Thanks.


Regards Lutz.

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