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Anti Roll Bar bushings replacement for Eclat S1

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I noticed there was no step by step post on how to change the anti roll bar bushings on an Eclat S1. This will be me first attempt at posting a step by step (worked for me) guide this so please excuse me if I did something wrong. I am a Lotus enthusiast like many others on the forum and although I don't claim to be a professional mechanic; I have built many cars in the past.  I enjoy working on automobiles. I am on my second Eclat and I plan to drive this until the wheels fall off. Agian I am new at this so please excuse if the pictures are not in the correct order.


Step 1 Safety first! always use jack stands no matter how easy you believe the job is. If you plan to work under a vehicle always use jack stands! Below is a pic of my jack, jack stands, and newly purchased ARB bushing kit from SJ Sports Cars.


Step 2 lift the front end by placing the jack under the proper lift points and securing with a jack stand. I used three jack stands for safety's sake. Remove the tires and you will be half way there.


Step 3 I started with the sway bar to chassis bushings first. No special tricks or anything I just removed the bolts and the brackets, the bushings came right off.


Step 4 Start at one wheel and remove the bolt that runs through the bottom of the trunnion and the lower wishbone. Gently pull the wheel assembly off the lower wishbone and this will allow to access to the nut that attaches the sway bar to the wishbone.


Step 5 Remove the sway bar end nut and keep track of how the bushings and washers (common sense) were attached. Follow these steps with the other side and the sway bar is off in no time.


Step 6 Replace the bushings, nuts, bolts, and washers in the order they were removed and reinstall the sway bar as well. Done!


I tried to keep it short and to the the point and I hope it will come in handy to anyone planning on tackling this two hour job.













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Thanks for taking the time to post this Ralph. I'm sure it will help other members.


These little bushes take a lot of the fore-aft movement under breaking load, so its important to change them every now and then.


I have them in the glovebox awaiting a sunny day.

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hahaah Great! you do that this way, thats should have been a funny look!

you really using the car as a dailly driver? that sounds good,

i also did with my old white 501 but now i have a other daily driver,

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Ralph was confused when another member commented that most elites and eclats sighted these days needed a good spruce up.


Thanks Duncan. I realized after the fact that I should have posted this under suspension and ride handling. I'm sorry.


Check out the Christmas tree I just picked up today.

Happy Holidays!

No offence intended Ralph....I'd hate for you to think I was giving you the needle...


In fact that pic has me pine-ing to take my one fir a spin.


Great to see it being used. Its terrible when these cars just become garage baubles.

Are you sure the roof can take it? the tree looks fairy heavy.

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I feel I must apologise for my dreadful christmas tree related puns in the posting above. On re-reading they are truly awfull. I had been drinking wine.


Merry christmas to one an all!


:santa: :santa: :santa:



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I thought the comments were funny. Part of the reason for the pic was to see what people would say about it. Believe me I got a good laugh out of it. As far as daily driver, yes indeed this car is registered, inspected, insured and I love driving it every day to work and back. In fact, last week I took the valve covers off and sent them to the chrome shop and they said it would be two weeks before I see them again. Instead of dreading the idea that I would have to wait two weeks to drive my Eclat, I went out to the local junk yard and bought a set of temporary valve covers so I can still use my car. I must say; however, after I cleaned, sanded, and painted the temps they look better than I thought they would. I might hold off on installing the chrome covers when they do come in. For anyone out there looking for valve covers for a Buick 215 V8, try a set from a 1967 Buick Skylark. They look just like Chevy SBC valve covers when cleaned and painted properly. Cheers!

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if the heads were alloy, you should have taken them as well as the covers. The Buick 300 heads fit the Rover/Buick 215 with a little modding and they breathe a lot better than the restrictive rover ones. They were alloy until 1964, then iron after. The are reputed to have much more fat on them for porting and take a larger valve.


I almost picked up a set on an engine over here, but missed out on them. I would have had a go at building a stroked alloy 4.9 using the crank and heads with a 4.6 block.


Loads of info on the net about building a stroker. It makes a very powerful lightweight engine.

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