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Lotus Esprit GT1 Project From Thailand

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Start project Esprit GT1. 

Starting from the first time that the Lotus esprit Gt1 racing car experience makes me feel so nice.

And want to do it. After waiting for a long time. I'm really exiting to get these now.















My Idol 



Double GT1 







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how's the plan ?  -simple body copy, or with real power increase ?


There is more to think about first !

As with a widened track like this: -you will need notable stiffer springs (as long as the wishbones are still factory) to have a car that still handles on the road like it should in other words a stiffer spring leans against the chassis on every corne, what means even more flex in the chassis without an additional cage that is supported on the four load-centers

also keep in mind: geometry & steering-axis on the front hub, in relation to the wheel dimension ..the GT1 car was never sold as road legal car, so there is no comparision experience between *Thailand road surfaces* and *plain smooth tarmack fields* ;)

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to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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Update Esprit GT1 Project.
I changed from the original headlight. It look Okay !!    Do you agree ??


We have friends that are interested in our GT1 project. Then we've make another 1 set.
And we shipped to USA.
The other work that we do for the customer at Thailand. "Benz Brabus"
Thank you very for follow up our work.  :unworthy:

If you are interested in Esprit GT1 part.

For more details on the email:












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so you see this serious and with comercial plans in mind -

..road legislations in different markets, material tests, lighting equipement tests  ??


by the way, is your offer cheaper than 'China-Import' bodykits ?

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to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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Thanks for the feedback. 
It's like a dream of people who like lotus Esprit GT1. I'd like to make a car like that.
The most important is  I proud that I making it by myself.
Enjoy with lotus.  :unworthy:
Umb-Autobody Team
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Well done Mr. Preecha!

Yes I can see my flares and my big box too with everything all packed up and ready for shipping.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again. The quality of your work is nothing but perfection. It shows your dedication and honest work.

I will be finishing my car sometime soon, but for now I'm just to busy with so many other projects. Trying to finish my wide body Jaguar STR, my Turbo M Roadster BMW and now my Lotus Esprit GT1 replica, which I just other an Alunox manifold for it :)

Waiting for my costume Connecting Rods and my lighter Pistons, water pump and lighter Piston Pins. But as soon as I get everything else done. I will be back doing more Body work/Flares :)

By the way I'm so proud of how good your car is looking. Like I said, I'm a formal costumer of UMB Autobody team and I can say that their product and service it's TOP-NOTCH!

I've always dreamed about owning a GT1 Esprit, and if it wasn't for Mr Preecha I will not be living my dream!


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That's a good question. I have some custom wheels made for the car. The front ones are 19x10 and back ones are 20x13 and yes the suspension arms also are made longer to accommodate the proper setup. The Brakes are also much larger than the stock ones 14" with a 6 calipers front, and 13" with a 4 caliper on the back

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On 29/12/2013 at 14:54, f1karting said:

Love this project!


You have skills and resources.

You should consider building one, the ultimate weapon !


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