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Anyone used this product,


Its meant to be better than normal chip stick type of thing,I only ask cos I went out for a run on Sunday and came back and found the mother of all chips on my front bumper :cry:


So wondering if its worth the £30 odd quid asking price :shuriken:

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I bought a kit for my Esprit but it was on special offer,  first one sent was poor match but they did send another without quibble.

You are supposed to apply the paint to the chip & then you wipe over with special cloth soaked in the blending solution, this smooths the paint to the level of the surrounding paint. It worked quite well on a chip on my door but I did have to build up a few layers.

Mostly I just use the little applicators & touch up paint & don't bother with the solution.

It does the job & I suppose for what I paid it wasn't bad value.

I paid about £ 24 for a kit for my BMW which consisted of a little touch up stick & some laquer.

They also say you can rub the paint into gravel rash using your finger while wearing a rubber glove rather than touching each chip in, I've not tried this but can't see it being that effective without making a bit of a mess !


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