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esprit v8 exhaust options

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Technically you do not meet the regulation, or you won't pass the visual, but maybe you can pass the sniffer & if the shop doesn't check the tag on the cat, you're ok.



Hello, If you build a cat with a magnaflow core (200 cell or similar) and cut the bypass pipes so as to have pre and post 02 sensors...Would this meet US specs so as to pass California smog inpection?
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Mauricio, am I being right that with 'cut' you meant "open up the factory catalyst housing (as I often advice) and put a replacement metal-core race catalyst into it" ??

If so, yeah it depends on the quality of the chemical conversion process this factory catalyst derivative can offer

As mentioned by Alan, the sniffer test is the first done for regular government-inspections in most global markets (or at least in UK/Europe it is done the same way)

So if the inspection stuff does not check the fault codes on the dash or with a code-reader (a not satisfying conversion rate would possibly cause a fault code by the ECM for your California specified car, as you can see by the description above) but the test station sniffer tool says 'all clear' -you still have a chance to pass.

as a note:
I run most time on alcoholic fuel mixtures, and the old cast exhaust manifolds on my engine do have some cracks too -so the sniffer needs sometimes to see 'a burning oily towel' in the exhaust for some seconds

it is a foolish way, right but the tech-stuff there does it if nothing else helps to make my car 'dirty'

(ethanol fuels cause high oxygen contend in the combustion process, so it is a very clean & lean mixture and the sniffer does not understand this situation as the 918-V8 engines over here in Germany are rated in only two old emission classes in Europe E2 & E3. Where E3 at least matches the California standards with 4 working O2-sensors and additional air-pump and EGR-system, and my older '98 one only needs to pass E2 class standards normally)

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Sound if one fits 200 metal cats, mine looks like the photo above, thay came from Aussie cost me with postage £357 for the pair back in 2008 I think, But with out a silencer you will not be doing any track days for sure.

Fact stock lotus cats..just pipes.. made 116db, at high revs.

Metal cats, my mk 2 silencer.. 103db in 2009 at Combe, just let through then...twin centre pipes


Today same 200 cell metal cats.. MK 3 silencer.. much better flow. twin sq tail section on the box, having a custom stainless tail pipe being made, that is the part you see. I should say I built my 500 bhp Toy. or 07976 609881

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ordered my de-cat pipes today from esprit performance and the cats are trying to be sourced from welsh coast customs powerflow wont sell direct to the public and they seemed the only helpfull company that were interested in what i needed but the prices are 100 per cat plus vat so about 250 with delivery

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