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removing alloy coolant tubes


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you just need to undo the shifter cables on the gearbox, and undo the clamps there for the cables on the casing .. now undo the shifter surround and undo the whole shifter ..pull it slightly to see what the mechanic has done on the factory line, and if you pull it enough you can lay the whole unit on the side next to the seat the shifter cables on the rear are already undone.


With this you have enough space there to put half of your arm there into the central section and inspect for other cable ties, in case of you never know (it is called 'manufacturing hand-work' there in Hethel, know what I mean ;)   )


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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update time...


After many hours (forgot to take pics)  i have cured the coolant leaks :thumbsup:


remove cable ties from inside backbone

remove front rubber hoses from alloy pipes/ fit smaller diameter rubber hose inside alloy pipe (to act as a mouse)

remove fuel tank balance pipe

tie rap oil cooler pipes upwards to ease access

remove wastegate vacuum pipes

pull on rubber hoses connected to alloy coolant tubes to draw the tubes back towards the engine

remove rubber hoses

clean up calcification/corrosion on alloy pipes (i used a dremel with wire wheels)


I had some quite heavy pitting in the alloy wall of the tubes, so i filled the pits with 2pack chemical metal, sanded down til smooth.  I then disconnected the rubber hoses from their components at each end of the car & made up new rubber hoses which were approx 25mm longer.  The new longer hoses were then slid onto the alloy tubes but pushed on another 25mm so i had clean alloy for the hoses to seal against, i used 2 pipe clips on each hose (one at the end of the rubber hose & one just ahead of the flared section on the alloy pipe where it should be


The alloy pipes were then pushed back through the backbone and carried out the same as on the rear.


Everything done and time to re-assemble.. :)


certainly better than having to remove the engine

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Nice job! :) I spoke to Pete at PNM about this some while ago and he suggested something similar about cleaning the pipes then filling any holes / pits with a liquid metal / glue. He also said he always smears sealant on the alloy pipes before re fitting the rubber hoses to avoid corrosion in future.

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