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Square hole cut into clutch/gearbox bell housing?! - Gearchange/Gearbox/Clutch - The Lotus Forums Jump to content
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Square hole cut into clutch/gearbox bell housing?!

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As part of the rolling restoration underway, I took all day today drilling out all the rusted items in the boot holding boot bits in. Very pleased to see my body chassis mounts are in spectacular condition thank god!! But upon removing all the boot bits (and discovering my drop by drop oil leak was simply the loose oil feed or drain underneath the turbo) I discovered that a DPO has cut a hole about 3x3cm in the gearbox bell housing?? Piece of rubber is stuffed into the hole (though it does look remarkably well cut fit for purpose?). When you removed the rubber you can see the top of the flywheel and a pin (?) pointing down near it. 5cm above that hole is another one which looks factory, hole is covered by a sheet of metal and screwed this normal?!

Actually maybe it's meant to be there?? It looks the same as the 300 sport one for sale ..... But why it is there... Plus mine has that second hole....

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HI Benjamin,

The S300 one you refer to is as standard.  The whole with the pin is for timing TDC.

the other whole on the top is for the crank position sensor for the ECU. however if you

have a plate over that i would presume yours is a carb turbo model so not needing a sensor.

The sponge should be a rubber moulding to fit and stop dirt getting in. 

After 20+ years the plugs get lost and people use anything to cover the whole, or leave it open.

So if yours is as the S300 one in the pic it is normal..

hope this helps



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