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Boat Anchor

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Having just had the turbo and down pipe off, I am staggered at the weight, now chuck in the manifold it's self and we're up to boat anchor proportions.


In 2012/2013 I can't see that it's that hard to re-manufacture a decent set of extractors, about 1/4 of the weight, properly braced from the bell housing to sit the turbo on. I know it's been done, but have all the bugs a breakages been sorted.


Details anyone ?

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A local company to me called Alunox Exhausts took on the job as they have a lot experience in the design and manufacturing of specialist manifolds and complete systems for high end sports cars and professional race teams. They have produced some very high spec systems for a number of race teams including the March DFE Cosworth F1 series (1976) which can be seen on their website.

The Esprit Turbo exhaust will run at high temperatures so Stainless 321 was chosen as the material which can handle up to 900C . This will prevent any cracks at extreme temperatures and give good longevity lasting the life of the car. Some stainless manifolds on the market are made of Stainless 304 which is cheaper and can crack.

The design of the exhaust is based on the original, in that cylinders 1 and 4 collect together and 2 and 3 ,but this time running equal lengths in a 4 into 2 into 1 configuration, meaning the gases will arrive at the turbo in a more synchronised manner . This can be heard in the exhaust note. The stainless steel also provides better gas flow in the manifold unlike the rough service of the cast one, which also degrades and flacks into the exhaust.

Stainless_manifold_01.jpg Stainless_manifold_02.jpg Stainless_manifold_03.jpg

The manifold is welded using a fully purged TIG process to an aircraft grade standard. The flange plate that meets the head and turbo are precision cut by laser and again are stainless.

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There are many good threads about this topic and I think the main thing is the turbo needs to be supported as stainless tube has not got enough strength to carry the weight of the turbo and part of the exhaust system a point that is worsened with the high heat and vibration. The S3 NA doesnt have quite the same problems as the turbo.


I think the member "Changes" has the best thread where I think he has the design sorted.



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