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Couldn't believe this!

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Hi all

Spent the last 4 weeks putting new vaneer on my dash, a really nice finish in burr walnut. Any way after refitting and admiring my work I thought I,d go for a drive. It had finally stopped raining so of I went.

I did about a twenty mile trip, however about a mile from home I was going round a roundabout a suddenly the car began to slide, as it was dry I assumed I had developed a flat tyre, so I took it very easy. When on a straight though it didn't feel as if I had a flat but I continued to drive very cautiously anyway.

I was approaching the first of two corners just before getting home and suddenly a complete loss of oil pressure and oil warning light comes on.

Managed to just get the car on my drive and turned off. Feeling completely p#ssed off especially as it had started raining again!!

I first checked the engine bay...... Nothing! I then went to the front n/s and noticed oil all over the alloy. Sure enough that,s where it was coming from, however I had replace the oil cooler and pipe work only 12 months ago or so on that side.

Well it was really chucking it down now so just went in feeling totally pissed off!

Here's the thing had a good look today and couldn't believe what I was seeing! The bloody bottom hose had come away from the metal end fixed in the cooler not completely but enough.

Has anyone experienced this as the pipe was purchased from SJ s

Just feel really lucky now it could have been really messy.


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Keeerist!  Been busy last coupla days mate - will call tomorrow if that's OK.

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