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Vulcan Grey

Awesome 3D Evora model

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Wow. Really good 3D is like voodoo to me. Dunno how you guys do it--and I'm no stranger to coding--but I'm pretty sure it would give me a brain cramp if I attempted to learn this black art. Hats off to anyone who can do this.

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it's not hard to scan a model-kit with a 3D laser-scanner 


..but it is a lot of work to review the data, and go over 'the clouds' of dimensional points (coordinates) afterwards and pic up all who are done more than one time, as most (handheld) scanners will picup points you already have the files-rate grows way to fast.


Next point is to add the right lines and give the software the right way 'how to see' the lots of points as the thing you want. Next is rendering & textures  .. 3-D laser scanning can be used to measure & calculate the volumes of deformation after a crash test for example  ...or for prototyping of parts

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