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S2 Elise/Exige Help Needed Please

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


We've developed some interesting new high performance products for the 2ZZ engines, and need a car to do some beta testing on.


If anyone is interested in loaning us a car for this, we will be very grateful and willing to reciprocate in  mutually agreed terms.


The first product to test is a new exhaust manifold and system.


Please let me know if you're interested.


Many thanks :)



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I'm interested. My car is a 2007 Exige S; currently mechanically standard (down to exhaust). It's just been resprayed and not currently registered, however, it can be trailered to your facility, and I'm in no rush to use the car.


07595 533 490

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Hi, that could be ideal! Would you like us to call you to discuss?

Hi mate,


it's why I've provided my number, so please feel free to call.


At the moment, the clam's are only held on with four bolts each (front and back) just for transport back from paint. I can leave it like this so that you can easily take front/rear clam's off if that helps, or I can fasten the clams properly for you.


The car is completely functional however; I have not yet fitted the undertrays or the cat/muffler yet- so once again depends on your requirements (can fit the standard parts for the exhaust back on. Apart from being loud, the car is driveable on/off trailer etc.

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Ok, thanks! I'm away at the moment so will call you Monday!


great. Look forward to your call.

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