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Upgrading to led headlights

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As I use my Esprit quite regularly, I'd like to have "normal" lighting on my car...


I upgraded the alternator, upgraded the battery and this is the next step:


Replacement of the headlights to a Full LED upgrade. It can be reversed without any damage or marks, to the original.


The lights are a 100 perfect replacement for the standard 5,75" halogen bulbs.


The lights are available in LHD and RHD. I will concentrate on changing the outer two at as a start.


As soon as the snow clears, more pictures will follow.



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These items will drop the watts from 55 to approximately 30 watts per beam.


An easy way to upgrade the output of the electrical system is replacing the motorola or Lucas alternator with a version from a Ford Fiesta (1992), this is a higher rated amp alternator.


I will keep you guys posted on the installation

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I too am interested in this thread but the cost look too expensive @ $489 each!


There has to be a cheaper alternative? These look quite nice BTW. I am sure you can get them a bit cheaper but they are still going to cost a fortune for a set of 4.






David Walters

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Sure, I can get them cheaper, ie group buy. I have my own company in vehicle lighting and distribute these lights over here in the Netherlands. I'm able to arrange a group buy if requested.


However, still have to wait for the snow to clear, before I can finally add them to my esprit


Best regards, Ruud

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I was looking at headlights last night and a search came up with BMW E32/E34 headlights being 5 3/4"...  Looked like the BMW projector assembly might fit as low beams, and then the normal lamp for a high beam...  Anybody tried that?


These, but removed from the BMW bracket and with a custom bracket to fit in the Esprit pods.



Vulcan Grey 89SE


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Hi Travis,


Have you got a link to these? What sort of price are they coming out at compared with the top LED headlight?

I have produced backing plates and mounting plates for headlight kits back in the day when I used to have esprit performance site. I am sure I could design a mounting plate for the BMW lights if anyone wants to try them.



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I saw some on ebay cheap...  ~$50 for a single projector low beam, no bracketry.


I'm not sure they are actually 5 3/4" but that is what one link said.


So I just bought this set for $25 +$12 shipping.  I'll see if they can be made to work.  I can design brackets in Solidworks 3D CAD, and even make prototypes.



Vulcan Grey 89SE


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That looks great. Sure it's expensive but an awesome practical and aesthetic upgrade I reckon. For me though I think they would both have to be done in each pod or nothing, looks a bit funny with one hi-tech light on there and one old-school.


Now, I wonder if they would also be a "perfect fit" for an S2... Surely the lights on my S2 are practically the same as on your S3?

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