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Esprit Sport 350 remains the fastest Lotus round the 'ring'

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Someone with Stig-like driving prowess needs to take the Exige S V6 or perhaps one of those elusive Evora GTEs around the Nürburgring. Just looked and the fastest Lotus remains the Lotus Esprit Sport 350 (in 8min 13s) from 1999! Kudos to the amazing Esprit but that was 14 years ago, this year; I'm sure the new Exige could drop below the 8 min barrier given that the Porsche Boxster S (981) and Jag XKR-S convertible have done it!


I know track lap times aren't necessarily an indicator of the best drivers' cars, but I'd like to see a Lotus in the top 100 there - surely, that's doable, now!


Anyhow, gives me an excuse to post a picture of an Esprit.    :rolleyes:




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8:13 in an Esprit must be an absolute hoot! Fastest I've been around there (as a passenger) was 8:20 and that was hugely intense! 

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you mean the *sport-auto* mag test, as reference ..


from the '99 issue series, the same that had the F355 vs. S350 in it -right ?


There is now wonder if no Lotus is in the 'top 100' ..first thing is, Lotus has more concentrated in short-track sportcars (like the Elise & derivatives) ..those are not in all cases good for high-speeds (Döttinger Höhe for example, the last straight where you can win some 'fractures of a second' to be within the upper listings..) , nor is there enough punch for all the uphill curves


..what lets me think, that as long as there are more other cars tested within similar or slightly higher performance the listings will only hold the newer, more and often tested cars in front of the list.


On the other hand, if you see the Hockenheim-results from car tests done by this mag, the Elise/Exige-family (the 240-260cup) is not as bad as on the Nordschleife and still reference for some cars as competitor.  Keep in mind that the Elise was gone fat after the US introduction over the years, and the engine was also downsized now with dissapointing speed results in customer reviews

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