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Which optimate?

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Looking to buy an optimate for the Esprit and did noy realise there were so many.Is the cheapest(optimate 2)  suitable  for what i want 

Thanks Pete

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Interesting ... didn't know there were so many either. I have a couple of previous generation Optimate 3s...and an Accumate, and an Airflow, and a CTEK. At the time (in the 90s) the Optimate numbering was generational. 2 was an older design replaced by the 3, 4 was originally an upgraded replacement for 3. Now its clear things have changed - bigger number just means more features/power, so a 2 could well be adequate for your needs if all you need is a simple trickle charger on a healthy battery. From a quick google it seems, 2 provides basic functionality on a smallish battery. 3 Adds the option to have a drain (eg active alarm) and still work and also can recover flatter batteries, 4 offers the chance to charge through the lighter socket instead of attaching wires/clips to the battery, 5 works on bigger batteries, and 6 does huge batteries. Ya pays ya money....

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