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List of "Parts Bin" parts for the Esprit

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Hi all,


I've just been hit by an idea. I don't know if it's been put into practise before (other than by parts dealers) but I figured it might be worth bringing up as it could save a lot of us a lot of money over time.


As we all know, Lotus were notorious for using parts-bin components for the Esprit, i.e. parts from other manufacturers. This in itself is nothing I look down upon. It's still the most beautiful car in the world in any of its incarnations. However, I do think it would be beneficial to a lot of owners to compile a list of where the parts are sourced from so that we can hunt these down ourselves, while perhaps avoiding the pitfalls of buying "Esprit-parts" and the often higher costs associated with these.


So, without further ado, post the parts here and I can try to put these onto a list which we can have stored as a sticky or a Google Doc or something similar.


What do you all think? Have I missed a REALLY obvious source listing all of these? If so, I bow my head in shame in advance :)



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Bibs that link attempted to take me to some part of the forum I don't have access to (


I assume you were directing Vanya to

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