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my new Project a Red LHD Elite 501 1979

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Here i have my new elite LHD

this will be a new project from me,


i will start with working on the car when i have a interested guy how wants to buy the car,

because i can deliver this car with:



- galvanized chassis

- the car allready on the galvanized chassis

- with Leather

- or just how it is right now,


the chassis has some little uppersurface rost,but... its still good..

so the new owner dont has to swap a chassis, but when you want to have it perfect...


so lets see what happens, and when i will start i will post some pictures on this forum..


here some pictures:


the car will be delivered complete  !!

that means:

with cambelt cover and
all kind of parts that are missing on the pictures that will be on the
car when i sell the car.. (rubber trim around the car, chroom from the window on the back...)

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