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Brake Telltales (Warning Lamps)

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All of a sudden my two brake related telltales (parking brake (P) and brake system failure (!) don't flash up on ignition (V8 MY99). I checked the lamps, plugs, fuses and all visible wiring and everything seems to be in order. All the others work just fine, including the ABS. So before I take on the painful task of checking all the wires underneath the dashboard and so on, I just thought maybe somebody can point me in the right direction? Could the parking brake micro switch, cause both lights to fail?


Thanks for your help

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ABS is a different system, so that the ABS works doesn't mean anything in this case (you have the yellow tell tale or it) can test the fill-level sender for the brake fluid ..if the light dos not glow red than there is a fault in the wiring for those t ell tales I gues (to undo the instrument cover on the '98 on cockpit is not a hard job, it is the easiest one of the whole ownership time you will experience ;)


most of the front/interiour wiring is fused by fuses in the front-luggage compartement ..there are some 5-Amp for such cases like instrument illumination and such things, as far as I know  


-would need to take a look into my car next time, or you could simply download the workshop-manual and read the wiring plans for yourself

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