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changing to outboard rear brake setup

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Hi guys,

as the title suggests I am thinking about changing my rear caliper setup on my '86 NA. The reason is that I am OCD about having a decent handbrake (and so is the TÜV). The girling inboard calipers are just not cutting it. I believe an outboard setup will give many more possibilities to aftermarket calipers or even from a donor car.

I have seen various comments about people who have changed to outboard but with no great details. Can anybody elaborate on what is required? I realise that later stevens uprights are required along with bearings. However, what about the driveshafts? I am hoping that they are unchanged and that I would only need a spacer to replace the inboard disc.

As ever your great wealth of knowledge would be gratefully received .

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The driveshafts and hubs are different, the outboard brake setup uses cv joints .. If you want different or better handbrake I'd suggest fitting the handbrake setup from an xj6 jaguar instead

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