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Esprit SE service kit

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Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is a repeat on here but I'm about to gather a service kit for my SE ready for a spring freshen up.

I've had the cam belt done at the dealer (Christopher Niels) this included an antifreeze change and all drive belts.

I'm planning doing the remainder of the C service my self, I need to get the following:

Oil filter

Air filter

Spark plugs

Fuel filter (due at 35k apparently and it's just over that)

I'm going to do the engine and gear oil sticking with castrol edge sport for the engine as its been in there for the cars previous services. Also going to do the brake fluid.

Changing the oil filter looks like it's going to be spill tastic ?

Should I just order the bits from the dealer? Use SJ sports cars?

In thinking use Ngk plugs as they only make spark plugs and have been in business for ever?

I'm an ex Hgv mechanic (I was crap at it) but can manage the straight forward jobs, any tips however will be greatly appreciated.

I'm worried sick about my fuel tanks, exhaust manifold, oil coolers, radiator, charge cooler impelor, dizzy cap........... The list goes on and it this forums fault ha ha !! But I'll start at the beginning seen as I've only owned my car for a few months.

Here's my latest take on a bond theme photo from a run up to Windermere a week or so ago


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Hi there, you'll find that many members do their own 'A' servicing and leave some of the other more involved stuff to the indy's or specialists - although those who are even more capable do it all! I've used many different companies in the past to provide service items - I'd recommend only using Lotus oil filters - don't forget the HT leads as they can (as I have found out) provide quite a lot of fun if they are corroded or breaking down. Ideally get it on axle stands or certainly raised to get at the oil filter and sump easily (well more easily than from above!) Above all - take your time. But you probably know that already.

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You can get the parts from anywhere (and save quite a bit of money) but get the OE oil filter. Sparking plugs are specified as NGK BPR6EKN but I use Denso W20ETR-L and have no problems with them. Make sure the oil you use is at least 50 grade for the higher number. If you are doing the brake fluid then do the clutch fluid at the same time.

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You can rest easy on the dizzy cap, the SE has a coil pack. The hard bit is the cambelt, the rest is fairly simple however there is much more to the 'C' service than you mention.

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That's an 'A' service. The 'C' service, as Mike says, is the biggy and includes cambelt/tensioner etc. They're detailed in the back of the workshop manual.

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