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Downpipe -> exhaust flange - HELP!

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Does anyone know of the simplest route to replace the 3 bolt flange on the exhaust silencer side?  This appears to be extremely hard to find, if not impossible.  The only option for me is to hack off the original (from my standard GT3 exhaust) and weld on to the new one, or get something made bespoke (expensive).  I don't really want to render the stock silencer as useless in case I sell the car on...

The flange is unusual in that it's dished (as you may know).  Anyone on here got an old exhaust they don't mind hacking this off, or any idea where to get one from - I've tried everywhere?!


The exhaust I'm trying to fit is a stainless Janspeed LH exit but has had a 2 bolt flange fitted.  I need to replace this with the 3 bolt to marry up to my decat pipe.  Janspeed don't stock the part.  Had a quote to fabricate at £50 plus vat(!).  Jetex do something that may fit if the dimensions match.

Any ideas?  Any help much appreciated!!




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What was wrong with £50 + vat  for something identical to your requirement..  !!!!!!!!!


Always  remember the 3 P's......  Penny Pinching = Problems.   

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Have to agree with Dave above.


Cheap at that price and solves your problem completely. And it's a for-life part really.

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I also agree chaps, and would have gone down that route had I had not exhausted all possibilities.  Turns out PNM were very useful as the guys that build their exhausts have a bin full of flanges (got to be a euphemism there) that I know are the correct size.  So should be sorted :)

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