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Exige in this weeks autocar


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Last week we awarded the second-generation Porsche Cayman a five-star verdict in our first drive, but in this week's issue (dated 20 February) there's an even tougher test in store for Stuttgart's latest coupé.

Matt Prior steers the Cayman S to the hilly roads of Portugal where he puts it up against two more of the best driver's cars in the business: the BMW M3 and Lotus Exige S.

All three cars fit in the £50,000-60,000 bracket (when the Cayman S is specified with the PDK gearbox) and each of them offers distinct thrills. We pass judgement on them all in our seven-page comparison.


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Exige S beats the Cayman 'by a whisker' on performance and handling.

BMW beats the Cayman 'by a whisker' on comfort.

Cayman beats them both, just, as the best allrounder.

The conclusion is that it now takes two cars to beat the Cayman.

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It's a hugely capable car, just lacking any sort of soul in my experience. What's the point in amazing lap times if it's no fun?

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I've driven the previous generation Boxster quite extensively. I ended up driving quite dangerously at times, pushing much harder than I normally would, just trying to get some reaction out of it. Capable, yes, but very aloof. The engine feels like it's only just getting going as the limiter cuts in. I couldn't own a car like that, it would end in tears. It's really important for me for a car to be enjoyable and exciting below 70mph.


I'm really struggling to understand the hype about the new car. It seems to be based on how it looks, which is purely subjective, it's only 10bhp more than the previous Cayman S with a swisher interior but has worse steering. And now it's been hailed as the 'world's best sports car'. Someone at Autocar needs to switch to decaf!

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I agree,  I read it on the train up to Aberdeen & I thought it was a fairly pointless road test anyway the way they set it up as the Beemer was on winter tyres and they drove the cars across Europe then said on arrival that the M3 & Porker were more comfortable.  No $hit Sherlock!  I could be a road tester from here offshore.


However, I will say I think much nicer more powerful looking car in better proportions along with the new Boxster. I am an ex. Boxster S with full aerokit driver for many years so allowed an opinion. :harhar:   I had a scrap with a new Boxster S the other day for the first time down some B roads when I came up behind him and it looked good before I peeled off back to base as only out for a play anyway. 

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