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Heater Blower Wiring, S1 Esprit

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I'm tackling the heater blower wiring but can't get it to work.  The S1 wire diagram shows that the heater blower motor has two wires, but mine has 3 and from pictures I see on the forum I think all S1 Esprits are like that.  The wiring harness coming out of the blower motor on my car looks original and identical to some pictures I've seen on the forum.


Anyway, what's strange is I see 3 wires going into the motor and they all appear to be hot (powered from the ignition or powered from the switch).  I see no ground wire.  There is an orange wire coming from the fuse box that is continuously hot when I turn on the ignition.  There is a blue wire that becomes hot when I turn the heater fan switch to position #1, and then there is a yellow wire that becomes hot (blue wire is no longer hot) if I turn the switch to position #2.  Does that seem correct?


I'd assume to see a ground wire somewhere like I do with the radiator fans, but maybe the motor is internally grounded.  The only thing I can think is I have the wrong switch in the car.


Thanks to anyone that can help!






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I don't know it particularly well but from the other circuits sometimes the motor will be earthed through the housing and mountings.

If it's still working and there's no obvious ground wire then it's either that or magic!

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