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Lex Templar

'83 Esprit Turbo gear linkage pin near gearbox

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Hi Everyone,


As I mentioned in another topic I lost all of my gear selection the other day and have found the culprit to be a split pin at the rear of the gear lnkage near the gearbox.


See picture.


Looking at the service manual there seems to be nothing else missing apart from the pin. Is this right?


I'm in Australia, does anyone know where I can get one the pins from in the UK or Australia?

In time it looks like I should overhaul the whole linkage but just want to get it running again to put some more kms (or miles) on it and build some reliability.


Many thanks,





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Any decent machine shop should be able to machine one up for you.

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Anything will do....including a bent nail. All it does is hold the lever in place. I have shimmed my lever so that it doesn't wobble about but moves smoothly backwards and forwards...and it's retained by am R-clip. Nicely greased, too!

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Circlips should be easy to find...fitting might be a fiddle. No reason why you shouldn't take the thing out completely and drill it for a pin! Could rebush it at the same time, too. Such fun!!

Silly anecdote. Years and years ago I encountered a couple of lads, brothers,from the USA; Dad was in the US Navy and had been posted to Italy.....Naples, IIRC. They wanted to drive down from London and visit, but their Mini had no gears! I had a shufti and found the splines on the box where the linkage attached had worn had been loose for years and finally gave way. A bit of dicussion - including the "right way" of removing and dismantling the gearbox and replacing the defective part - ended up with the decision that the wreck of a car didn't warrant the effort. So I crawled under it and drilled through the linkage and the once splined shaft, fitted a nail, bent the end over and off they went!! Some time later I got a postcard; seems they had had to change the nail once en route,and the thing ended it's days flying off a cliff into the Mediterranean with a brick on the throttle!!

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