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elise 111r

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Hello , im in the market for a s2 111r


apart from try as many as possible before i buy , dose anyone have anything to look for or listen for when i go to view one ?





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The 111r is a very good, quick example of the Elise and as it comes with the Toyota drive train is considerably more reliable than the Rover K series variant. The engine has had some issues with oil starvation on heavily tracked cars if no provision has been made for oil surge to the left hand side of the sump can in right hand corners. This is few and far between however and not something to worry to much about. The week link really is the gearbox, 3rd gear in particular again mainly on cars that have seen regular track action. 

Apart from that they are the same as for any elise, check condition of wishbones and that they are straight especially the rear lowers which used to bend quite easily. The S2 has extra stiffeners that help prevent that but still check. Easy enough to see if they aren't straight. Bearings and bushes are easy changed and you'll feel any sloppiness when driving. Check dampeners for any leaks and excessive bounce etc. Originals are Bilstien but may have been changed as it is a popular upgrade.

Brakes are servo assist and check condition of disc's, hoses etc. If it has had the brake hoses upgraded to braided then well and good because the fronts are a pig to change with the clam on.

AC in a car this age will need checked, first off make sure it works as the condenser is buried under the radiator and corrode over time. Lots of joins in the AC system any prone to leaks. 

Fit and finish is generally better in Elises the newer the model is but still not a whole lot to work loose and it will rattle and squeak, it's a Lotus.

Usual stone chips and scuffs on body work and quick check all electrics are working. They are easy to work on for the home mechanic and pretty reliable all in all a pretty safe choice.

If you can buy a post '06 car with the fly by wire throttle would be my choice but that is for completely personal reasons.


Most importantly when you get one get out and enjoy it.

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