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Air injection manifold ('83 USA)...I'm baffled.

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Only a few posts into this forum since acquiring my '83 turbo.  I'm in the process of a few jobs: removing and fabrication fuel tanks and replacing all fuel lines, sorting out the emissions, re-jetting carbs, braided clutch hose and new slave, exhaust work and front suspension bushings.  


I felt as though I was off to a good start because I managed to get the fuel tanks out which I thought was a miracle that it got accomplished.  The other items didn't present too much difficulty so I figured the air injection manifold removal would be straightforward too.  Well, the manifold came off relatively easy but I cannot get out the tulip-shape receptacles that go into the head (see pic).  They have a long tube that slides into the head and 5 of the 8 do not want to slide out.  I assume it's years of being seated in there that has made the tube slightly deformed or elliptical (see pic).  They only slide out about half way then they bind up something fierce.  Anyone have an idea of how to get them out?  There is very little room and it seems there is no way to grab, pull and extract them?


Anyone done this before and have any ideas?  Gratuitous car pic included...I'm sure I will be on here quite a bit.  Thx! 





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My 83 "had" them as well. Most likely they are carboned up and are stuck. Maybe spray some WD-40 (or similar) to dissolve the gunk and yank them out. I had the head off when I removed mine. 





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Exactly what Jeff said.  They have a hard buildup on the inside that you just have to force off.  Maybe spray carburetor cleaner in there in addition to or instead of penetrating oil to help break it down.  Then just twist and pull/push/pull.

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