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Alex Carter

esprit v8 tank removal left side

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this may help a few peeps did this today took around three hours after coffee stops and what not.


remove the phillips screws and remove the carpet section . requires some twisting but comes out without to much fuss.


then remove the jubilee clips around the air intake and remove flexible pipe .

this will give you more space then pull through the black wall the gromits and clear breather pipes unclip the white p clips and hang pipes out the way.



then at the base of the plastic trim there are three bolts 10mm they are unfortunatly screwed into three rivnuts .steel bolts and alloy rivnuts they are seized.


i cut the heads of the bolts with a grinder and slide a knife through the sealant bonding the panel onto the side .

then undo the three large torques screws holding in the hydraulic fluid resovoir so its loose.


there are then four phillips screws on the black panel take these out and gently spead the panel off the main side so its loose from the wall.


then turn your attention to the ply wood top . there are two phillips screws holding the vacum ball ontop i marked the pipes with masking take and numbers so i know what returns to where.


then there is four phillips on the seat belt cover remove this and then the l shaped bracket undo the four 13mm nuts and remove the bracket .

then at the rear of the wood two more 13mm nuts .


then undo the jubilee clips on the fuel filler neck four each pipe squeeze and turn the seal will break and slide the rubbers pipes off.

then undo the 17mm bolt from the seat belt strap retainer and move over the top of the car out the way.


then where the air feed comes into the car this pod needs to be removed . there are two rivets drill these out and pull off the body .


then undo the 13mm bolt under the black plastic side its holding the bottom of the tank in and an earth strap .


then get a drain tub place under the car and undo the rubber hose that joins the two tanks .


once the wood is out the way and the black panel is dropped down out the way.



gently lift the tank turning it towards the inside of the car after a little wiggling it pops out .


the top foam isnt too bad but the bottom is very corroded and flaking off.






few rusty patches but looks like just in time



and now finish the painting that lotus forgot.


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as a note-


there is no general need to undo the air-inlet mold


..but if it is done it is allready a good chance to inspect there for the 'water leaks'  situation ;)






Let's hope your pictures stay here a little longer than ours -  "a picture says more than.. "

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Great info Alex and Steve.   Thanks for taking the extra time to post, particularly all the photo's. 


Alex, are you doing the job with the engine in place?


Do you guys have a clearance dimension from the front of the tank to the cabin bulkhead/firewall?  I am curious about available room for some speakers in this area.  Would installing speakers make tank servicing more difficult or impossible?


Anxiously waiting for Chapter 2 Starboard side.  Essentially the same deal?


Great job!

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no stuart i have the engine out the right side is the same other than the boot release cable that needs undoing to allow the tank to lift up but pretty much the same .ecu and fuel filter pipes a little more important to photograph and note there orientation. as for speakers why would you want too? there already is a 6 inch in the door a 4 inch in the dash and a tweeter more than needed for music .its one of those old arguments its a sports car why fill it so full of stereo equipment when theres a v8 to listen too instead.yes they probably would fit but id me more tempted to upgrade the standard alpines for some thing more exspensive and amp them the sound would be far better than just adding more and cutting hole for the sake of it ..

ref the air inlet gunter i had to remove it other wise the tank wouldnt pass through the top smoothly

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Thanks Alex.


I hear you on the speakers.  More curiosity than anything else to know the available clearance.  Just new to the car, but I see earlier models had some sort of speaker installation in this area, but not sure of the size & details.  Idea would be bass drivers rather than additional mid or tweeters.


Thanks again.  Fuel tank work looks great.

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thanks stuart right as this is my area of expertise heres my two penith as long as you have a modern aftermarket radio the sound will be better as the technology is more up to date nowadays then if you want more sound add an amp to the original system this can be mounted in the nose out the way and fed into the car .if this still isnt enough to add more bass jl audio do a range of flat subwoofers in boxes the box and speaker would be small enough to fit in the passenger side infront of the seat not intruding on the leg space as you feet would be over it . i fitted one for a customer last month and was blown away by the sound this little thing produced it was very impressive added a massive boost to a normal system where space is an issue .this would be my choice before any drilling or cutting. the earlier esprits had a five or a six inch in the back firewall .on its own not big enough to generate bass and the fact its behind the seat pointless really .

need any more info let me know i bought the sub from car audio and security in hayes couple of hundred quid plus a decent amp and wire kit

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Thanks for the reply Alex.  I will start or re-activate a thread in the correct section when i get closer to doing the work.



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had no trouble getting the tanks out with air-inlet mold in place, it was just more patience and care that was needet..



[email protected]: sometimes the pictures speak for themself, see the engine mount bushing there, LH on the frame (picture nb. 6 from top) for the speakers, the older interiour version of the Esprit range up to the early 90th years (93'/94' or so) used the rear place behind the seats for the same Alpine speakers who are now fitted in the doors.  The hole is stil there, under the carpet if you test it with your hand. Especially for 'body accoustic' feling and bass I could imagine that this is a good place to refit speakers, but Alex is right depends on your aim -quality music or engine sound ..your choice ;)

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