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Track Fuel Economy, Kill Check-Engine Lights With AUTOMATIC

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I don't much care about the mileage or safety aspect, but this is cool:



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Hi have an iphone version called dash command. It's great for the Esprit as it's also a virtual dash. You can add extra dials like boost gauge and coolant temp or inlet temp. I've used it on my Audi and my Astra. You can even program the gear ratios and it has afeature to tell you when to change gear.






Only trouble is that the software is £35 and the dongle was £40. The reason for this is that the iphone will only with WIFI based OBDII scanners as Bluetooth ones won't work. Something to do with Apply restricting audio only on Bluetooth?

I had previously bought a Bluetooth OBDII dongle off Amazon for £9! My mate Adrian bought one for his Galaxy and it works fine on his cars. The software was even free but I doubt it does as much as the Dash Command above.

On the Dash Command, you can even download manufacturer's skins (albeit some individual has made it). They even have a Lotus Evora skin!






David Walters

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Android users are better of using Torque, which provides a wide variety of plugins and definitely matches Dash Command. It is also cheaper.

And, you can use Bluetooth. :-)

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Hmmm. I'd asked about support for the Evora and whether or not it would tell me specifically which airbag and brake component(s) are giving me warning lights on my BMW rather than just a general fault notification code. Disappointing...



Hi Matt,


Thank you so much for your interest in Automatic!


The Automatic Link is designed to work with almost every gasoline (non-diesel) car sold in the US since 1996. Unfortunately, at this point in time, we are unable to support the 2012 Lotus Evora S, however, we do support your other vehicle -- the 2004 BMW 330xi.


Regarding your question about what codes the Automatic Link read. It reads the codes directly off a car's computer, specifically related to the car's engine light coming on. Right now we don't support vehicle specific codes, but for general codes our accuracy is as good as any mechanic’s.


Hope this helps!





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