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S4 engine out job

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Early in February I gave my 93' S4 to my mechanic to carry out a C service including belts and water pump. I was hoping this could be done with the engine in but my mechanic hit a problem - the crank pulley had seized itself in. After a quick call to Changes it was obvious the engine would need to come out. I must admit panic at this point did set in as i was thinking how much is this all going to cost, but when you buy a car like the Esprit you need to factor these kind of problems/costs.

To cut a long story short, Dodge1979 came to my rescue by offering to help me do the work, he even offered a space to carry out the work. As the engine was coming out it was decided that we should take the fuel tanks out and look to do other jobs:

- Engine out service
- gearbox out service
- 2 x fuel tanks out
- clean, zinc coat and heat wrap chassis (near exhaust manifold)
- replace red clutch hose with braided hose
- replace engine and gearbox mounts
- repair rear body mounts (pics below)

Here are a few pictures taken so far:
























The body mounts were a bit of a shock as i would have never known that they had failed if it wasn't for the engine coming out - i would recommend everyone checking theirs.

The engine/gearbox mounts were all completely shot, this wasn't too much of a surprise.

Now, the fuel tanks were a bit hit and miss. After inspecting the drivers side tank it appears this had been changed at some point, so required minimum repairing. As you can see from the pictures the passenger tank was in a much worse state. Darren (Dodge1979) sent off the tank to be shot blasted to see how bad the damage was and luckily the tank was repairable.

There is still a lot to do so I will keep you all posted with updates. I would also like to take the opportunity to say thank you to Darren as he has done 90% of the work including working on week days and weekends with just minimal help from me at the weekends. Cheers buddy!

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Fixed all the images. Ian please use the tool bar image insert button. Thanks

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Looks like you are getting on really well with it. The body mounts were a bit of a shock but that looks like a really good repair.

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I got the gearbox out today, with a bit of telephione support from Dave. Engine out next, but my gearbox only just cleared the car with the crane that I used, and I think I might struggle with the engine.

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Those body mounts at the rear are a real problem. When I got my car the back end was banging away on one corner and I discovered the fibreglass had completely broken away such that the bodywork was banging on the chassis rails beneath. I had it repaired at a bodyshop and it lasted about a week. I then fabricated some metal to make a sandwich between the bodywork and it has lasted since then.


I then discovered that a number of owners have had to make similar repairs. Its probably due to the appalling state of repair of our roads.


I hope that repair you have made is not fibreglass as it might not hold

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The repair made is the same as I did on my own car and has lasted 3years so far...and I live in speed bump pothole country! Its q combination if fibreglass and steel....the fibreglass is used firstly to rebuild the whole area, cracked and missing bodywork to regain strength. Then steel plates are bonded in place over this area, then fibreglass layers are again laid over the repair area...the top layers are purely cosmetic really to blend in with the bodywork..its the steel that clamps the newly remade bodywork down across a much much larger area that does the work...

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Hi Robin, good luck with the engine lift, I'm sure it'll be fine :-)

Hi Mike, I wonder how many other Esprit drivers are driving around without realising the mounts have failed. On my car it wasn't noticeable until we removed the rear hatch; you could then hear the flex in the body.

As Darren said above, he done the same repair on mine as had previously done on his 3 years ago - fingers crossed ;-)

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