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as you can see by the rust it is ordinary (formerly zinc plated) steel ..simply the water circuit for the heater-feed & vice versa the water recirculation path on cool down (via the small electric pump) -undo them, clean the thread in the block and measure if you wish ..put the pipes into rust-cleaner/acid can re-plate them new with yellow chromatized look, or simply usem them as they apear, just glew the thread in with Loctite stuff, as it is only sealed by the cone shape of the thread


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They are Brittish Parallel Pipe, not tapered. You can buy BPP to AN adapters which come with a metal washer with a bonded rubber gasket on it's I.D. to seal the parallel threads. You need to go to a commerical hose shop, then you can use standard AN fittings.

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