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Early G car Federal bumper conversion question

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This might be a noob question, but I've noticed something odd about US-spec S1 and S2 Esprits that have had their rear bumpers converted back to UK spec. They always seem to sit a couple inches lower than they should. Why is that? Secondly, what prevents the bumpers from being mounted in their higher and presumably correct position? I'm just not sure if there's a body shell difference that prevents it or something.

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hi chad, ive been looking at pictures of the usa spec and uk spec bumpers and to me the usa bumper looks alot bigger, which i think explains the reason they look higher. The bumper is fitted with 3 bolts that go through the body, its possible that if you took the usa style bumper off and lined a uk bumper up to the holes on the body it would proberly line up to where its meant to be. If it needs adjusting then you could either fibreglass the old holes up and re drill new ones or just elongate the old ones.  cheers paul

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hi chad, it could be the same mounting points, just the bumper is bigger? but as i said before, on my car there is just 3 holes in the fibreglass which you push a bolt through and screw into the bumper bracket. paul 

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in the bigger picture, a loutus sits lower on the driving side, in case there is a passenger,but otherwise the investigation of fiberglass setup with the rear shock absorbers (if any cracks) gives the balance picture, other than that both bumpers look gorgeous apart from a misalighened piggy back mechanisim....(thech the back both shock absorber articulation with the body)  

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