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Jorge E

Rear brake uneven.... need help to MOT approval!

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Hello, I need TLF expert help!


My car is an Eclat recently purchased


Before obtain the MOT approval, a workshop has worked on the car to refurbid it. Brake pump, lines, pistons, calipers, seals and pads are new.


At the testing bench on MOT there is a serious fault: brake power on left rear is 30-40% less than normal!!!


Back to the workshop. The car has been bleeded, tested again (by hand, no testing bench...) and same fault again on the MOT inspection!!!


Any input to my mechanic? Some idea? What could be wrong?


Need some advice :help:






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I dont know if its like the Esprit but I done what you have ie rebuilt my brakes and I had only one working. Mine should be self adjusting ...with normal breaking. So I tried using the brakes and still it wouldnt really work. I was told I needed to brake going backwards???? Tried that. Re bled them, checked the bronze arms that activate them and looked about in the same position. Then when under the car looking at the I was able to push the arm forwards with my fingers then pulling it back I could feel it was tighter. Tried the handbrake and works a treat on both wheels. Might be the same mechanism on yours worth a try.



Excuse my description. I had chilli for tea tonight and as I didnt want to waste a lime thought Id use the rest with some I love tequila!!


Oh well off to bed.



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I'd pop the drum off, then look at the adjuster to make sure it is free to turn. If it is, adjust it out a little and try again

Another possible is the rear wheel brake cylinder sticking - I had this last year. They are readily available off ebay.


best wishes


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Dunc, Buddsy:


Brakes are drums; pistons has been rebuilded, drums re-bored, shoes cleaned or refurbished (dont know exactly).


I do suspect some asimetry on the piston adjuster, or maybe asimetry at the hand brake lever tensioner wich leads to an uneven shoe travel.


Rigth now car is in the workshop...


Thank you all!

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:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:     Solved!!!!!!!!!!       :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


The Lotus Eclat has a sticker with a favourable MOT!!!!


The car has new battery, spark plugs, filters, clutch, brakes, exhaust, timing belt and tensioner, new service belts, thermostat and refrigerant, and more...


Now its time to start fully road test.


Workshop manual on the side seat, tools in the trunk.


And you all on TLF to assist me and share experiences!!!


Happiness is that!


Thank you,




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