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Battery charging/jump starting

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I think I have a flat battery on the 2-11, but when I eventually managed to hook my charger up to it, it said it was already fully charged. My charger is just a Halford's smart charger, does the Odyssey battery need a specific type of charger?


Is it okay to just try and jump start it off my other car? I want to see whether the non-start is due to a flat battery or whether it has a different problem like a jammed starter motor. When I hit the start button I just get a clicking sound from the engine bay.




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You can use a normal charger although Odessey recommend their EPS 8A charger, naturally.


If the charger says it is fully charged have you tried to see it the headlights etc work. If they do then it is definitely a jammed starter motor or a loose connection to the starter motor at least.


The battery, because it uses AGM technology, should not lose it's charge from non use unless you have a tracker or something fitted which is draining the battery  I just disconnect the battery isolator knob when I store mine over winter and have never had an issue in the 5 years I have owned my car. Strictly speaking you don't even have to do that but I do so as an extra security precaution.


Do you have the owners manual as it shows you how to jump start. If not, I can e-mail you a copy.


Basically you can jump start just like any other car (providing you have long enough cables)



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Thanks for the response Paul.


It definitely was a flat battery, it started straight away when i jumped it off my other car. I took it out for a run afterwards so hopefully it will have picked up a bit of charge now. I guess I need a new charger if it thinks it was fully charged!!


I do remove the isolator switch when it's not in use and there's nothing on the car that should be draining it. The battery's probably original and the car is a 2007, so it may be time for a new battery. I'll try it again tomorrow to see if it fires up okay and keep an eye on it.


I think I just need to use it more - my drive out this morning reminded me just how FANTASTIC the 2-11 is :wub:



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I had this all the time. The battery isn't dead it's just hibernating or whatever words it was odyssey batteries said themselves when I contacted them.

Jumping from another car is a pain

Just get a mobile jumper - that way if you going for an early morning run or similar you can charge the mobile jumper whilst having a coffee and then take it outside and start the car hook it up to the battery ..... It'll run all day after that .... You can also put the mobile battery pack behind your seat if you put in a soft bag to avoid the rattles

I live in temperatures that drop below -15c at night during winter months and when I use to bring the 2-11 outside the garages overnight it wouldn't start at 6am ..... Leave it until the sun is up at 10am and it started !!

As for the battery in the car I removed the lotus cover and just had the battery on show all the time but velcro stuck a roughly matching grey 'top' so to cover the battery if any light rain or showers ..... That way you could easily jump the battery without need for unscrewing etc

Enjoy the car ..... Love the 2-11 ..... Except on black ice

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